Did you REALLY think we would make you do 150 thrusters @ 135/95, 150 C2B pull-ups, and 150 row calories in the same workout? Solo?!

Maybe Coach Jillian would have, who knows. She doesn’t believe in April Fool’s jokes.

All I know is please DON’T do the KB Swings she was teaching in yesterday’s video if you’d like to keep your back from, well…

WOD For 04-02-19:

4 Rounds, Go Every 5 Minutes:

30/25 Calorie Row

21 KB Swings @ 53/35 lbs

12 Pull-ups

Each round is for time.

(Workout inspired by CrossFit Linchpin)


Weighted Plank Hold:

3 x 0:45 (Rest 1:15 Between Efforts)

Monday Classes: Celebrity Guest Coach

Monday Classes: Celebrity Guest Coach

Monday classes are in for a HUGE treat as we welcome a very special guest coach at AR…

We hope you all had a wonderful, sun-filled SF weekend!

WOD For 04-01-19:

“The Arena Ready 19.6”

For Time:


Thrusters @ 135/95 lbs

Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

Row Calories

The Return of The Sweaty Saturday Team WOD!

The Return of The Sweaty Saturday Team WOD!

Oh how we’ve missed you, Saturday Sweat Sessions With Friends… this one in particular is going to require some teamwork, communication, and a solid game plan thanks to the “creativity” allowed in completing the movements and reps.

Happy weekend, friends.

WOD For 03-30-19:

In Teams of THREE For Time:

350 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft

250 Calorie Row (Co-ed Teams = 225 Cal / FFF Teams = 200 Cal)

150 Burpee Box Jumps @ 24/20 in (you must FACE the box, step-ups ARE allowed)

*Teams can complete the movements and reps in any order or combination.

*2 athletes may be working at the same time on different stations but 1 athlete MUST always be "resting" (AKA waiting to switch).

*Game plan how your team will split the work into pre-set rounds & reps with planned transitions.  

*Time is called when all reps for all three movements are complete (OR score by total reps at the 30 minute cap if not complete).

Jenny's 19.5 Photos

Jenny's 19.5 Photos

It’s been several days now since 19.5 closed things off… does anyone miss the Open yet?! Here are Jenny’s amazing shots of Open 19.5 at Arena Ready — click here for the gallery.


WOD For 03-29-19:

AMRAP 5 Minutes:

10 Handstand Push-ups

20 Russian KB Swings @ 70/53 lbs


AMRAP 10 Minutes:

10 Box Jump Overs @ 24/20 in

10 Single Dumbbell Hang Clean-to-Overhead @ 50/35 lbs (switch sides after 5 reps)

10 Ring Dips

Power, Pulling, and Pistols

Power, Pulling, and Pistols

Looking ahead for that weekend on a Thursday like…


I’m not sure why but this picture of Zach reminds of…

Probably because Chad said something about NKOTB, and he and I are both old enough to remember these sweet dance moves.

WOD For 03-28-19:

Alternating EMOM For 4 Rounds (8 Minutes):

1) 3 Power Cleans

2) 3 Scap Pull-ups + 1 Max L-Sit

*Climb in load on the barbell to a weight heavier than to be used in Part 2 below

*The L-Sit is performed immediately following the scap pull-ups (without dropping to re-set the grip) and should be scaled to a Chair (or "Tuck") Sit if you cannot hold the L position for at least 15 seconds


7 Rounds For Time:

5 Strict Pull-ups

7 Power Cleans 185/135 lbs

9 Pistols (alternate)

It Had To Be Done At Some Point...

It Had To Be Done At Some Point...

It’s a mid-week met-con BURN and time to go back below parallel after a couple days of focused complimentary movement in light of the 19.5 party in your pants (I’m talkin’ about those sore quads, so get your mind out of the gutter).

This format may look “Chief-like” but don’t be fooled into thinking the tempo and pace is the same. Smooth is fast today, and we’ll also allow a step-over the bar if you prefer (athlete’s choice here). The required barbell drop between SDHP and Hang Power Snatches (to allow for grip and stance adjustment) is a built-in break from tension, so use a loading that will allow the 6-7 HPSn-OHS combo to be unbroken for as long as possible. This is one of those WODs where “heavier” can often be “easier”…


WOD For 03-27-19:

5 Rounds of 3:00 Work / 1:00 Rest:

5 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls @ 95/65 lbs

6 Hang Power Snatches

7 Overhead Squats

8 Lateral Bar Burpees (step-over allowed today)

*For each round pick up exactly where you left off (i.e. score continuously for ONE grand total of rounds + reps at the end of 5 rounds)


Weighted Plank Hold:

3 x 0:45 (Rest 1:15 Between Efforts)

*If possible add to last week 03-19-19

19.5 Quads, Biceps, and Lats

19.5 Quads, Biceps, and Lats

Woof, hopefully if you did Open 19.5 over the weekend you also came in on Monday to hit some complimentary movement to help recover from the sheer volume of squatting and upper pulling (and, to a lesser degree, upper pushing).

We’ll stay above parallel one more day and use Tuesday’s program for three fun little pieces: a run where you pick the pace (more leg flush & recovery, and as fast or slow as you want to go), a bench press strength progression to a heavy single (upper pushing in a different plane, and some "#swolemate fun early in the week), and a midline & skill met-con in the form of a variant on the classic benchmark WOD “Annie.”

Enjoy, and then it will be back to some squatting movements on Wednesday!

WOD For 03-26-19:

On a Running Clock…

A) 0:00 - 5:00

800m Run:

You Pick The Pace

B) 5:00 - 20:00

Bench Press:


Climb to a heavy single as your technique allows

C) 23:00 - 33:00

For Time (10 Minute Cap):


Double Unders


AbMat Sit-ups

Open 19.5 Score Submissions Due By 5pm Monday!

Open 19.5 Score Submissions Due By 5pm Monday!


Reminder to SUBMIT YOUR 19.5 score to the CrossFit Games website by the deadline of Monday at 5pm.  We cannot submit your score for you so if you're reading this just do it now so you don't forget!


WOD For 03-25-19:

With a Partner For Time:

BUY-IN: 1000m Row



Deadlifts @ 225/155 lbs

Box Jumps @ 24/20 in


BUY-OUT: 1000m Row

*One athlete working at a time, switch whenever you like on the row

*For the 10-to-1 sequence BOTH athletes complete all rounds, one person at a time… you MUST complete one FULL round then switch - for example:

Partner 1 does 10/10

Partner 2 does 10/10

Partner 1 does 9/9

Partner 2 does 9/9  


Open 19.5 Thoughts & Strategy

Open 19.5 Thoughts & Strategy

It's the final week of the Open at Arena Ready, and our final Saturday Open WOD brings us two movements that most of us saw coming - thrusters and chest-to-bar pull-ups!  

Like we say every week - whether you're officially signed-up for the Open and will be competing on Saturday (Or Sunday), or you're just doing the workouts for fun & fitness (and to be a part of the Open energy at AR) please watch the 19.5 standards video (I have re-posted it above) and read the workout details here on the CrossFit Games website.  Due to the "time priority" nature of this workout (i.e. it's "For Time" and not an AMRAP where the time is set) AND the 20 time cap, it's important that everyone completing and judging the workout are familiar with all of the standards in advance.  Thank you.

Oh, and if you're entered in the Open and plan on taking the entire 20 minute cap (which is likely most of us) you may want to bring a small thank you gift for your judge.  Just a thought. But seriously, try to work out who will be judging you in advance while at the gym — and then return the favor to them. It will make the timing of warm-ups and heat schedules much easier on everyone.

First, some logistics:

For most this will be the longest Open workout of 2019. Please note that whether you're entered in the Open or not (and whether doing the workout Rx or Scaled), if your performance and movement deteriorates to the point of unsafe levels WE WILL CUT YOU OFF regardless of what the clock says.  Sorry I'm not sorry.  Letting someone continue on past the point of exhaustion and safe movement, particularly with these two movements, is just plain dumb.  I don't think our athletes need that warning but it makes me feel better to write it out and to say it out loud if needed.  

If you haven't signed-up for a class time please do so now, and expect to do the workout and judge one athlete within that hour-ish (I say "ish" because a workout like this one can run late if lots of athletes end up using most or all of the time cap).  Plan on showing up 10-15 minutes early for class so you can get yourself warmed-up and primed, and so that you can sign-up on the heat list. We've detailed a suggested, self-directed warm-up on the board and you're welcome to follow that or do your own warm-up to get yourself ready to go.

Should you do scaled or Rx? For some of you that’s the first question to answer — I would say that if you can do 95/65-pound thrusters safely then start with the Rx workout to register an Rx score. If you can do a few C2B pull-ups or are close to doing one then give yourself a set amount of time to attempt them (safely and intelligently, of course) if/when you get there — and once that time has clearly elapsed switch to jumping pull-ups (the scaled modification) and continue the workout… you can bank your Rx score at the point when you switch, and then continue the workout in an “unofficial” manner for the remainder of available time.

If 95/65 isn’t in your arsenal just yet then no worries, do the scaled workout from the start (65/45 lbs and jumping pull-ups) and know that in many ways the intensity of the faster transitions will make the workout feel “harder” for sure.

Second, some thoughts on strategy:

There's actually not a lot to it this week, folks.  Some sources have over-complicated the strategy element of this workout to the point where I think they're just making up rhetoric in an effort to sound like an authority on the topic.  All the "split time" spreadsheets and "how to shorten the range of motion" suggestions are mostly nonsense, because the fact of the matter is you can pick any pace or splits that you like - the key is CAN YOU HOLD THAT PACE FOR 210 TOTAL REPS?  I could very easily say "Oh, you want to run a 4-minute mile?  Well that's easy, you just have to pace it correctly.  Run each 400m lap in just under 1 minute.  There you go... easy.  Have fun and thank me later." 

1) Shocker..... pacing is key.

210 reps (or 20 minutes) of ANYTHING requires pacing.  Smooth and steady is fast.  Smooth and steady is fast.  Smooth and steady is fast.  Trying to go out hot is a recipe for disaster.  Some of you saw two of the "Fittest on Earth" do the workout live on Thursday evening, and it may have skewed your impression of what you thought was possible - you have to know yourself, be honest with where your fitness level currently is (and how proficient you are with these two movements), and set a pace accordingly.  Pace it smooth and steady early on, and don't let the feeling of the round of 33 fool you into thinking it will feel that same way thereafter (you still have 70% of the workout to go at that point).

The nice thing about the descending rep rounds is it makes the conceptual approach easy - if you use the 80/20 rule (go at 80% effort for 80% of the workout, and then step on the gas for the last 20%) you'll be steady (but moving with a "sense of urgency") through the round of 21s, and then you'll leave it all out there in rounds 15 and 9.  

What does an 80% effort look like in terms of breaking of sets? Well, that depends on your current work capacity (i.e. your “engine”) and your proficiency (or, dare I say, affinity) for the two movements. For higher level Rx competitors who have fast “Fran” times and enough stamina, muscular endurance, and ability to remain aerobic I like dividing the thrusters into thirds through the round of 15s. That means 33 = 11/11/11, 27 =9/9/9, 21 = 7/7/7, 15 = 5/5/5. Then 9s are GO GO GO if/when you get there. A good rule of thumb is "no strained reps for as long as possible" - meaning if you feel like you'll need to really gather yourself to stand up the squat or press out the top of the rep, or the speed of the reps is noticeably slowing, then put it down before the next one.  

If you’re not a “sub-3 minute Fran” kind of athlete (yet) then the thrusters will likely need to start in single digit sets. They should be anywhere from 3s to 7s for most of us, with the expectation that they may drop to smaller sets the further along you get.

Where do you “rest” during thrusters? At the top of the rep, with the bar locked-out overhead. Take a quick beat (or two) to breathe, relax your hands a little if needed, and get prepared for the next descent. Whatever you do don’t “rest” by pausing at the bottom of the squat (obviously) or standing with the bar in the front rack — if you feel you need to do either of those then just drop the bar and pick it back up when you’re ready.

How about the C2B pull-ups? With the exception of a few of you I think these need to be small sets from the start (4/5s for the higher level athletes, 2/3s for most, and even singles to start might be a good game plan for more than a few people), with quick little breaks just to come off tension and save the grip. Megan finished the workout under the cap on Thursday evening doing mostly singles on C2Bs so it can certainly be done with that approach, assuming you have the fitness and toughness to hold a good pace the entire way.

In yesterday’s blog post we listed two recent class workouts that should give you some good data to frame your approach and expectations — and thus your goal for thus workout. Use that data, and if you are so inclined, map out the volume/reps using the scorecard of 19.5 (the total reps are listed in the margin) to decide roughly “where you should be in the workout and when.” Then plot your rep scheme plan accordingly.

2) Warm-up the movements but don't go crazy.

You want to get a good warm-up in so the workout is not a shock to the body, but no need to "do the workout before doing the workout."  Get the heart rate up, get a little sweat going if that works for you, do a little "heart rate wake-up burst" or two near the end of your warm-up, and then let it come down a bit before you start (all of this is already detailed in the warm-up we wrote on the board).  Beyond that, and some focused mobility and movement prep, you don't need much else.  This is not the time to make up for lost technique or skill work (particularly for C2B pull-ups), lest you end up doing half of the workout before you even start the workout.  Your hands, shoulders, and lats can only take so much in one day, friends!

Speaking of mobility and dynamic movement prep...

3) Hips, Shoulder Girdle, Wrists, and Upper Pecs.

Get these bad boys ready.  You know what your body needs to get blood the pumping and your tissues unglued.  We've written some suggested mobility and movement prep items on the warm-up board, but feel free to do the ones you like to make sure you're good to go.  Your hips (and ankles too) need to be ready for the bottom position of the thruster, and your shoulders need to be ready for the overhead piece of the thruster plus the pull-ups. Getting your front rack positioning dialed-in as well will help over the course of (up to) 105 thruster reps.  

4) Weightlifting shoes help if you have them and like them.

The one exception I would say are athletes doing the scaled WOD with jumping pull-ups — if the lifting shoes bother you in the repetitive jumping action then consider skipping them.

5) Embrace the suck. 

This is supposed to be hard.  That's exactly why you do it.  If it were easy it wouldn't be worth doing.  So when your pacing strategy gets you through the first 5-10 minutes, and then the suck factor sets in and lets you know that the rest of the workout is going be uncomfortable, try to remember that this is exactly where you want to be... exactly where you knew you would be.  Embrace it.  Get comfortable with uncomfortable.  This is what makes you better.  This is why you're here... be smart, try hard, and channel that badass athlete that lives inside you.

WOD For 03-23-19:

“Open 19.5”

For Time (20 Minute Cap):


Thrusters @ 95/65 lbs

Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

Jenny's 19.4 Pics + Open 19.5 Announced!

Jenny's 19.4 Pics + Open 19.5 Announced!

PLEASE NOTE: Parking update for Shotwell spaces (click for details). Don’t get a ticket! 

Jenny’s Open 19.4 Photos!

Check out Jenny’s awesome images from Open 19.4 last Saturday at Arena Ready — click here for the gallery.


Open 19.5 Announced

If you're going to be completing the Open workout this weekend at Arena Ready (either during the fun craziness of our Open Heats during all Saturday classes, or during Sunday Open Gym) then please start by reviewing the workout details here (they’re also posted on the HSPU wall at the gym) and watching the standards video below (which covers only the Rx workout, and not the scaled version).

The movements were largely what many expected (thrusters and C2B pull-ups), but perhaps not at this level of total volume or rep scheme. As a gym we did build-in a progressive pull-up volume “ramp-up” prior to the Open which took us from roughly 50>60>70>85 pull-ups (potentially possible) within a single given workout — so those of you who were consistently training likely came along for that ride and built up some volume capacity. That ramp-up then backed off a little as we got into the meat of the Open, largely in anticipation of hanging movements which were expected and announced in 2 of the last 3 workouts (T2B and Bar MU).

A couple of good data points for those of you who like to game plan and start thinking about pacing strategies — and realistic volume expectations — are your results and notes/observations from the workouts on 02-25-19 (85 C2B pull-ups within a 17-minute cap) and 03-05-19 (54 Thrusters at exactly the same 19.5 weight, and 54 C2B pull-ups all within a 10-minute cap). The former will give you an idea if 105 total C2B in 20 minutes (the time cap for 19.5) is even doable for you from a capacity standpoint, and the latter gives you basically a “halfsies” version of 19.5 and can tell you lot about how you might want to approach & pace double that volume within double that time domain.

Measurable data points. Observable performances. Repeatable movement patterns and time domains. Pacing. Relative intensity and relative capacity.

The value of “varied, not random” can become abundantly clear when presented with a task that might otherwise seem overwhelmingly daunting if you didn’t already have the intel that you do in your back pocket. Or in your Beyond The Whiteboard profile, as the case may be.

Thursday gave us some good work/rest intensity and Saturday’s 19.5 is going to be a slog for many of us, so for Friday we’ll once again run through a familiar-ish “For Quality” piece to act as recovery/pre-hab/extended warm-up and then have some fun with snatch complexes on a 90-second repeating clock.

Happy Friday, friends!

WOD For 03-22-19:


400m Run OR 400m Ski OR 25/20 Calorie Bike OR 25 Burpee-Jump-Touch @ 6 in above max reach

10 KB Turkish Get-ups @ pick load (alternate sides)

40 ft KB Bear Crawl @ pick load

10 Scap Pull-ups

This is for QUALITY and not for speed or loading — focus on position, move with intent, and leave the fast movements to the piece below…


Every 90 Seconds For 6 Rounds:

2 Power Snatches + 1 Overhead Squat

… directly into…

Every 90 Seconds For 6 Rounds:

1 Power Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat

Climb in weight only as your technique allows. If you arrive at a weight that feels challenging, but you can still maintain good positions, stay there and consider repeating that weight for multiple rounds to emphasize technical consistency.

Open 19.5: Any Guesses?

Open 19.5: Any Guesses?

PLEASE NOTE: Parking update for Shotwell spaces (click for details). Don’t get a ticket!

The FINAL workout of the Open is set to be announced to the world on Thursday at 5pm. And the worst kept secret in CrossFit (LOL) is that it will probably have thrusters (it would be the ninth year in a row that the last workout has everyone’s favorite movement).

Will they keep thrusters in the mix again? Will there be a twist? Dumbbell thrusters? Increasing weight ladder-style thrusters? Squat clean thrusters? And what movement(s) will they pair it with, if any?

Can’t wait to find out…

WOD For 03-21-19:

Row Technique:

Coach-Led Drills


Row Intervals:

5 x 500m

Start Every 5 Minutes.

Each interval is for time.

Measure the delta between your slowest and fastest intervals.

(Compare to 08-30-18, 12-14-17, 07-20-17)