Here’s an updated Sweaty Saturday Team Special classic with a little bit of everything for all you and your fitness friends.

Happy weekend, Arena Ready!

WOD For 08-10-19:

"Controlled Chaos v2.0"

In Teams of THREE, For Time:

A) All Three Working At The Same Time, Each on a Different Movement:

150 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft

125 Calorie Row (FMM = 115 Cal, FFM = 105 Cal , FFF = 95 Cal) 

100 Lateral Bar Burpees

B) One Person Working at a Time, Completed in Order as Written (i.e. 75-50-25):

75 Power Cleans @ 135/95 lbs

50 Power Snatches

25 Squat Clean Thrusters


***For Part A game plan how your team will split the work into pre-set rounds & reps with planned transitions.  For example:

5 Rounds of...

Athlete A - 30 Wall Balls

Athlete B - 25 Calorie Row

Athlete C - 20 Lateral Bar Burpees

(Everyone rotates to repeat this 5 times until Part A is complete)


***For Part B there is only one person working at a time, and reps can be split in any fashion as long as the movements are completed in order as written (75 > 50 > 25).  We recommend smaller sets and quick transitions to keep the pace as fast as possible with good technique.