And a little Oxford comma action in the blog title there for all you grammar nerds at Arena Ready (there’s a lot of you, I know).

And if math is more your thing then you’ll be a hot commodity on Saturday morning when everyone is trying to tally their team score whilst sweating and rolling around on the ground in dramatic post-WOD fashion.

Happy weekend, all!

WOD FOR 08-17-19:

In Teams of THREE Athletes, As Many REPS As Possible in 22 Minutes:

Athletes A and B Complete the Triplet of:

30 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft

15 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

15 Deadlifts @ 225/155 lbs




Athlete C Completes:

30/24 Calorie Row


*One athlete MUST always be rowing, and MUST always switch after 30/24 calories.

*Reps for the triplet may be split in any fashion (does not have to be equal) with only one person working at a time.

*Every calorie on the rower equals one rep added to the team's triplet total. Score is the grand total of calories rowed PLUS triplet reps completed.