This is a fun one… so go hard, try some different strategies, high five each other, and enjoy doing more work in a one hour class than most people will do all week!

WOD For 08-14-19:

With a Partner For Total Time (including penalties*):

5000m Row

Switch every 250m, exactly.



*For every meter over 250 when the counter stops, there is a 2-rep Wall Ball penalty (e.g. if the counter stops at 256m the team owes 12 Wall Balls). 

*For every meter under 250 the team owes the difference plus 5 AbMat Sit-ups (e.g. if the counter stops at 247m the team owes 8 AbMat Sit-ups). 

The penalties accumulate and must be performed at the end of the 5000m row.  The team's time includes the time required to complete the penalty reps, which can be divided/shared in any fashion with ONLY ONE person working at a time.


(Compare to 06-20-18, 03-11-16)