Moderate weight, high skill, high heart rate AMRAPs tend to tempt athletes to overlook foundational principals like maintaining a stable midline pulling from the floor or locking out the overhead position prior to standing with the bar, and instead race through the movements, allowing fatigue or distraction to take away from the opportunity to focus on executing each rep with precision and accuracy.

Today we’ll try to help you avoid this temptation by giving you a chance to really focus on refining the movements beforehand - using two back to back EMOMs of touch & go doubles with focus on mechanics and consistency prior to adding the intensity that comes with 3…2…1…GO! To get the most of this workout, try to make each rep of the metcon feel as good as your best set of each EMOM.


WOD for 07-23-19:

EMOM 6 Min:
2 Snatch (Touch & Go)

Rest 2 Minutes, then…

EMOM 6 Min:
2 Clean & Jerk (Touch & Go)

Rest 2 Minutes, then…

3 Snatch @ 135/95 lbs.
6 Clean & Jerk @ 135/95 lbs.
9 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Up
54 Double Under