This one is actually pretty fun based on feedback received over the last several years, and it’s definitely a nice change-up from all the barbell, KB, and dumbbell work.

So don’t hit that cancel button so fast, partner… just get in here and get moving. You’ll be better for it, and your buddy will be happy to have had you as a teammate.

WOD For 07-11-19:

With a Partner, 10 Rounds EACH PERSON For Time:

250m Row

10 Burpees

(1 Minute Rest Between Rounds)


This is "you go, then I go, then we REST one minute." 

Both partners complete 10 rounds EACH — so YES it’s technically 20 total rounds (but that just looks nasty when written out, so chill out I can do math).

(Compare to 06-04-18, 05-19-17, 09-27-16)