As we mentioned last week both Coaches Steven and Seiji are off — and a group of us gathered on Saturday afternoon to bid them bon voyage. Thanks to Vivian for snapping a few great shots of some of the goodbye crew!

While Steven has already left, Seiji will be around for another few days and we’d love it if some of you can join him on Wednesday evening at the 6pm or 7pm for his last two classes as a coach at Arena Ready.


WOD For 06-10-19:

3 Sets For Quality, With Two Dumbbells or Kettlebells:

8 Seated Z Presses

8 Single Leg Deadlifts

8 Ring Rows

For each set move with intention through all 8 reps. Avoid leaning backwards on the Z press. Focus on hollow-body position throughout the ring row. If ring rows are easy, elevate the feet and move slower.



AMRAP 20 Minutes:

5 Handstand Push-ups

10 Pistols (alternate)

15 Pull-ups

(Workout courtesy of