What sort of clip can you run that will start you out on a good, fast pace but won’t sabotage your ability to attack the deads & wall balls with a purpose? If your movement is dialed-in and you love this combo, then we challenge you to go unbroken on the wall balls for as long as you can to push the pace. Remember that sloppy deadlifts are not only unacceptable and irresponsible, but they hamper your ability to actually go faster in the workout by forcing your body to make up for lost position somewhere else — i.e. your other stuff suffers in ways you didn’t plan on. So pick it up like you care about your back AND your time… they are not mutually exclusive desires.

We’ll finish with some static mid-line work after yesterday’s dynamic mid-line volume AKA toes-to-bar.

Enjoy, Thursday exercisers!

WOD For 06-06-19:

For Total Time:

BUY-IN: 1000m Run

… then, 5 rounds of…

10 Deadlifts @ 185/135 lbs

20 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft


Weighted Plank Hold:

3 x 0:45 (Rest 1:15 Between Sets)

Add to 05-23-19 if possible.