…or as we must call him now, “Doctor Coach Steven, PhD.”

If you weren’t able to attend Steven’s PhD exit talk on Monday and want to watch the archived video you can check it out by clicking here — given how nerdy (and I mean that as a compliment) and awesome this group is I’d imagine many of you would find it just as cool as we did.

He does an amazing job explaining something extraordinarily complex in an approachable, interesting, and entertaining way. And his sense of humor shines through just as it does every day at Arena Ready (the AR community even got a super rad shout out in his presentation which made more than a few of us teary eyed).

Bravo, Steven, and congratulations on your incredible achievements! We are all lucky to know you, to train alongside you, and to be coached by you.

WOD For 06-05-19:

Alternating EMOM For 6 Rounds (12 Minutes):

1) Power Clean + Front Squat + Squat Clean + Jerk

2) 3 to 6 Reps of Toes-to-Bar Progression:

-Kip Swings

-Knees Above Hips

-Knees to Elbows

-Feet Above Hips

-Feet Above Chest


*Barbell complex climbs ONLY as technique allows

**For the Toes-to-Bar Progression start at the first movement and progress to the next movement in the following round OR stay at the movement you can safely perform & repeat that for multiple rounds


5 Rounds For Time:

5 Power Cleans @ 155/110 lbs

10 Toes-to-Bar

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. If you don’t normally hookgip your cleans you’re going to wish that you started a long time ago.