Good luck to Coach Kim and Coach Sarah this weekend at the 3-day NorCal Classic Competition in Sacramento! Click here for some of the details and stay tuned to the private Arena Ready Facebook group for updates on the events throughout the weekend.

ALSO, please note our upcoming holiday schedule for the 4th of July and weekend thereafter:

Monday through Wednesday (July 1st - 3rd):

Normal Class Schedule

Thursday (July 4th):

Holiday WOD Classes at 9:15am and 10:30am

Friday (July 5th):

Gym Closed — PG&E and Cahill Construction will be shutting off the power the entire day due to the work in the area to connect the new adjacent building to the power grid.

Saturday & Sunday (July 6th - 7th):

Normal Class Schedule

With that out of the way, how ‘bout an action-packed Sweaty Saturday Team WOD classic?!

WOD FOR 06-29-18:

In Teams of THREE Against a 24-Minute Clock:

A) First Complete...

3000m Row (MUST switch every 500m)

200 Med Ball Sit-ups @ 20/14 lbs

100 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

One athlete rowing while the other two athletes share the sit-ups & pull-ups with only one person working at a time -- sit-up & pull-up reps do not have to be evenly split and the two movements may be intermixed and partitioned in any fashion. The team must switch who is rowing at every 500m increment.  

B) Then AMRAP of...

3 Power Cleans @ 185/125 lbs

6 Lateral Bar Burpees

9 Med Ball Squats @ 20/14 lbs

One athlete working at a time to complete a FULL round before switching.  The team's score is Rounds + Reps completed of the AMRAP.