Saturday’s partner workout is inspired by the “Hero” WOD “Scotty” which originally posted in June of 2017.

To read about this workout in honor of Scott “Scotty” Deem of the San Antonio Fire Department click here to view’s original post.

WOD For 06-15-19:

“Partner Scotty”

With a Partner AMRAP 22 Minutes:

5 Deadlifts @ 315/225 lbs

18 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft

17 Lateral Bar Burpees

*Only one athlete working at a time, switch whenever you like.

*The deadlift weight must NOT exceed 75% of your current 1-rep max. That means AT LEAST a 420/300 lbs 1-rep max if you’re doing the math at home for the Rx weights. Don’t be an idiot — scale appropriately & move well so that you can do more work faster (and come “back” the next day for even more).

(Workout inspired by the hero WOD “Scotty” courtesy of