Now that we’ve broken the “Saturday Seal” of sorts with lighter reps the loading builds a little through the middle of the week, and you’ll see an even heavier day on Thursday.

But first some mid-week partner fun with a medium-longish piece to follow Tuesday’s sprint-like intervals. Enjoy!

WOD For 05-22-19:

With a Partner, 4 Rounds For Time:

30 Walking Lunges EACH (done simultaneously for 60 total reps)

30 Hang Power Cleans @ 165/115 lbs SHARED

20 Push Jerks SHARED


*Walking Lunges are performed SIMULTANEOUSLY (i.e. partners move together, but synchronized is not required) and Hang Power Cleans cannot start until both parters are done with 30 lunges each.

*Hang Power Cleans & Push Jerks are shared with only one partner working at a time (reps do NOT have to be split exactly even).