A REMINDER below from Brooke about her upcoming 6-Week (12-Class) Yoga Series at Arena Ready. Non AR members can purchase the full 12-class series for $279 and AR members receive a discounted price of $179 (click here to be directed to our Mindbody store). Dropping-in to a single class is $30.

Word on the street is you have to be flexible to practice yoga; but that’s akin to saying you have to be strong before you can do CrossFit, which is of course untrue. I remember my first CrossFit class at Arena Ready. The coach at one point referred to everyone in class as an “athlete,” and it blew my mind a bit: I come from a very active but a very unathletic background—or so I thought. What I’ve realized in my short time at AR is that athletes and yogis actually have way more in common than I knew; both work extremely hard to attain skill in action, to expand the limits of what they thought they were capable of, and often to accomplish what they initially assumed was impossible. Many of you may already know this from having practiced yoga at AR with Dani or elsewhere.

Beginning May 14, I’ll be teaching a series of twelve classes over the course of six weeks, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:15-7:30pm. It’s hard to put into words how stoked I am for this opportunity, as I’ve mostly been nerding out to myself (and to Sal) over the past couple of years about just how much yoga and CrossFit need one another! 

While dropping into a class here and there would be perfectly acceptable, I’d like to invite you to commit to attending the entire six-week series if you can. In this way, it’s my hope that you’ll gain insight into what a regular consistent yoga practice can truly offer you—not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and energetically. We’ll also build on the classes that came before, which will make learning and practicing more fun! So, come! 

Questions you may have:

What is yoga… no, really?

It took me a long time to understand that yoga isn’t actually about perfecting postures; rather, it's about the use of yoga postures as a tool to approach and develop a relationship with the Self. 

Yoga has a unique way of inviting us to our edge, to where we're getting stuck, and to our own resistance to letting go. If we’re open to it, it can reveal to us our strengths and our weaknesses, our places of openness and the areas where we’re closed off. It can show us when we’re actually getting in our own way (and why). The practice slowly teaches us how to be with things just as they are, even if how they are is uncomfortable, even as we work toward making things more awesome. It’s a high aim, really. As we work on the postures, the postures work on us—in layers, beginning with our physical body, and from there the breath, and then the mind, and so on. And as a result we begin to feel not only more connected but also more engaged—with ourselves, in our relationships, and in our lives. Rad, huh?!

What style of yoga will it be? 

I teach alignment-focused yoga. Sometimes we’ll move by linking one pose to another (as in a flow-based yoga class), and other times we won’t link postures one after another. This is more akin to the Iyengar yoga style of practice, but I am not a traditional Iyengar Yoga teacher. Though I love a good flow practice, in general as a teacher, I prioritize optimal form over moving at a faster pace. What’s optimal for one person may be different than what’s optimal for someone else.

What do I wear to practice? 

You can wear whatever you would typically wear to a CrossFit class. If you’re wearing athletic shorts that are loose, you may feel more comfortable throughout practice if you also have on some form-fitting shorts underneath. Practice is done barefoot.

Do I need a yoga mat? 

Yes, you do. There will be mats available for purchase at the gym. You can also find yoga mats at any sporting goods store or even grocery stores like Rainbow Grocery and Whole Foods. I recommend the Hugger Mugger Tapas yoga mat, as it’s relatively inexpensive, sticky (less slipping), and not too thick. A thick fitness mat is not conducive to yoga.

Where will practice be? 

Upstairs on the top level. You can bring your shoes and belongings upstairs with you to store in the space. Please arrive a minimum of five minutes early so you have time to set up and get whatever props will be needed without feeling rushed. If you’re running late, no worries, it happens! In that case, please wait until the centering is done at the beginning of class before entering the room. 

Can I eat before practicing? 

It’s recommended that you practice on an empty stomach. When your body is working on digesting food, there is less energy available for your breath and your body during practice. That being said, if you need to eat something, do; just try to make it something really light and easily digestible, like a piece of fruit for example.

What will we be doing in class? 

Each class will include postures from a variety of different categories, but there will be a distinct focus each week. The syllabus for the six weeks is as follows:

Week 1: Breathwork (learning how to breathe for postural practice) / Standing Postures / Introduction to Inversions

Week 2: Breathwork / Standing Balancing Postures / Inversions

Week 3: Breathwork (additional breathing practices) / Hip-opening postures / Forward Folds / Inversions

Week 4: Breathwork / Hip-opening Postures / Twists / Arm-balancings

Week 5: Breathwork / Front-body Opening (quadriceps, psoas, chest) / Backbends / Inversions

Week 6: Breathwork / Sun Salutations / Linking Postures with Vinyasa / Review from Previous Weeks / Meditation


WOD For 05-11-19:

In Teams of THREE Athletes…

For Time:

100 Calorie Row

100 Deadlifts @ 155/105 lbs

80 Calorie Row

80 Hang Power Cleans

60 Calorie Row

60 Front Squats

40 Calorie Row

40 Push Jerks

20 Calorie Row

20 Squat Clean Thrusters

*One athlete working at a time, switch whenever you like — reps do NOT have to be split evenly.

(Compare to 12-19-15)