#TBT to one of the greatest stickers ever made (thanks, Coach Jason). WCTTIBW???


WOD For 04-11-19:

Push Jerk:


Use a rack. Climb only as your technique allows.


AMRAP 10 Minutes:

20 Single-Arm KB Snatches @ 53/35 lbs (switch sides after 10 reps)

10 KB Box Step-ups @ 24/20 in (alternate sides, use the same KB as for your snatches)

10 Deficit Handstand Push-ups @ 4/2 in

For the snatches you may support the KB in any fashion EXCEPT on top of your head, on your neck, or resting on your leg. We recommend a front-rack hold, goblet hold, or shouldering the KB securely (with your hand on the handle).