Oh boy, here’s the change-up we mentioned that might happen in week 3… Open 19.3 is a bit unlike anything we’ve seen in the Open previously! Most of the movements are variations on things we do fairly regularly, but leveled-up a bit for complexity and to act as a differentiator in the competitive sense — should be fun and challenging for the experienced athletes attempting it Rx AS WELL as those who will do it scaled, or largely scaled (experienced and not as experienced alike!).

If you're going to be completing the workout this weekend at Arena Ready (either during the fun craziness of our Open Heats during all Saturday classes, or during Sunday Open Gym) then please start by reviewing the workout details here and watching the standards video below (which covers only the Rx workout, and not the scaled version). There’s a lot going on standards-wise so please make sure you understand the movement requirements and/or be prepared with specific questions if something is unclear (we’re happy to help).

Some overhead pre-hab/stability/recovery work, upper pulling, and DB lunge practice should help prep & prime you for Saturday… and barbell snatch work mixed with moderate volume/intensity wall balls & burpees should act as a good stimulus regardless of your intent to attack 19.3 or not.

Happy Friday!

WOD For 03-08-91:

3 Rounds For QUALITY:

4 Kettlebell Turkish Get-ups @ pick load (2 R / 2 L)

8 Single Dumbbell Overhead (OR Front Rack) Walking Lunges @ pick load

4-8 Strict Pull-ups (pick reps)

Pick weights that keep you in good positions — this is for QUALITY and not speed or loading. If the 19.3 DB weight is heavy for you then this is the time to attempt slightly lighter weights and/or work on position to build confidence (i.e. be smart, feel things out, make good decisions with the info you gather).


Alternating EMOM For 7 Rounds (14 Minutes):


Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch + Overhead Squat


7 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft

7 Burpees to Jump Touch (6 in above your max reach)

Climb in weight for the snatch complex only as your technique allows — and if you arrive at a weight that feels good for crisp, snappy reps then stay there and repeat for multiple rounds.