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Jenny’s Open 19.4 Photos!

Check out Jenny’s awesome images from Open 19.4 last Saturday at Arena Ready — click here for the gallery.


Open 19.5 Announced

If you're going to be completing the Open workout this weekend at Arena Ready (either during the fun craziness of our Open Heats during all Saturday classes, or during Sunday Open Gym) then please start by reviewing the workout details here (they’re also posted on the HSPU wall at the gym) and watching the standards video below (which covers only the Rx workout, and not the scaled version).

The movements were largely what many expected (thrusters and C2B pull-ups), but perhaps not at this level of total volume or rep scheme. As a gym we did build-in a progressive pull-up volume “ramp-up” prior to the Open which took us from roughly 50>60>70>85 pull-ups (potentially possible) within a single given workout — so those of you who were consistently training likely came along for that ride and built up some volume capacity. That ramp-up then backed off a little as we got into the meat of the Open, largely in anticipation of hanging movements which were expected and announced in 2 of the last 3 workouts (T2B and Bar MU).

A couple of good data points for those of you who like to game plan and start thinking about pacing strategies — and realistic volume expectations — are your results and notes/observations from the workouts on 02-25-19 (85 C2B pull-ups within a 17-minute cap) and 03-05-19 (54 Thrusters at exactly the same 19.5 weight, and 54 C2B pull-ups all within a 10-minute cap). The former will give you an idea if 105 total C2B in 20 minutes (the time cap for 19.5) is even doable for you from a capacity standpoint, and the latter gives you basically a “halfsies” version of 19.5 and can tell you lot about how you might want to approach & pace double that volume within double that time domain.

Measurable data points. Observable performances. Repeatable movement patterns and time domains. Pacing. Relative intensity and relative capacity.

The value of “varied, not random” can become abundantly clear when presented with a task that might otherwise seem overwhelmingly daunting if you didn’t already have the intel that you do in your back pocket. Or in your Beyond The Whiteboard profile, as the case may be.

Thursday gave us some good work/rest intensity and Saturday’s 19.5 is going to be a slog for many of us, so for Friday we’ll once again run through a familiar-ish “For Quality” piece to act as recovery/pre-hab/extended warm-up and then have some fun with snatch complexes on a 90-second repeating clock.

Happy Friday, friends!

WOD For 03-22-19:


400m Run OR 400m Ski OR 25/20 Calorie Bike OR 25 Burpee-Jump-Touch @ 6 in above max reach

10 KB Turkish Get-ups @ pick load (alternate sides)

40 ft KB Bear Crawl @ pick load

10 Scap Pull-ups

This is for QUALITY and not for speed or loading — focus on position, move with intent, and leave the fast movements to the piece below…


Every 90 Seconds For 6 Rounds:

2 Power Snatches + 1 Overhead Squat

… directly into…

Every 90 Seconds For 6 Rounds:

1 Power Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat

Climb in weight only as your technique allows. If you arrive at a weight that feels challenging, but you can still maintain good positions, stay there and consider repeating that weight for multiple rounds to emphasize technical consistency.