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The FINAL workout of the Open is set to be announced to the world on Thursday at 5pm. And the worst kept secret in CrossFit (LOL) is that it will probably have thrusters (it would be the ninth year in a row that the last workout has everyone’s favorite movement).

Will they keep thrusters in the mix again? Will there be a twist? Dumbbell thrusters? Increasing weight ladder-style thrusters? Squat clean thrusters? And what movement(s) will they pair it with, if any?

Can’t wait to find out…

WOD For 03-21-19:

Row Technique:

Coach-Led Drills


Row Intervals:

5 x 500m

Start Every 5 Minutes.

Each interval is for time.

Measure the delta between your slowest and fastest intervals.

(Compare to 08-30-18, 12-14-17, 07-20-17)