IMPORTANT UPDATE ON SHOTWELL PARKING SPACES: We were informed on Thursday evening by the DPT that cars parked in any of the three spaces next to our building (in front of the Shotwell roll-up & 1298 doors) are now blocking the newly minted “sidewalk” that’s been opened to allow pedestrians to walk through/under the construction zone (I’ll keep any further comment about this “sidewalk” to myself). Please be advised that parking in those spots (as we’ve done up to this point) means risking receiving a ticket from DPT for blocking the sidewalk which is a $110 fine. We are looking into this matter further but for now (and for the foreseeable future) please heed the warning.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE: Also on Thursday evening the announcement of Open 19.4 revealed much of what many of us already expected — burpees of some sort, snatches of sort, and muscle-ups of some sort (scaled to a pull-up variation). This is, quite literally, why you saw variations of each movement spread out during the early part of the week — burpees (Monday), muscle-ups scaled to pull-up variations (Tuesday), snatches (Wednesday) — with an avoidance of the hands hanging from the bar on Thursday (AbMat sit-ups in place of toes-to-bar) in anticipation that bar muscle-ups and/or pull-ups would be announced.

Constantly varied, but not random. ;-P

If you're going to be completing the Open workout this weekend at Arena Ready (either during the fun craziness of our Open Heats during all Saturday classes, or during Sunday Open Gym) then please start by reviewing the workout details here (they’re also posted on the HSPU wall at the gym) and watching the standards video above (which covers only the Rx workout, and not the scaled version).

Happy Friday!

WOD For 03-15-19:

Every 2 Minutes For 7 Rounds (14 Minutes):

2 Front Squats + 1 Split Jerk

Use a rack.


For Time:


Sumo Deadlift High Pulls @ 95/65

Front Squats

No rack, one barbell.