The penultimate Open workout for 2019 known as 19.4 will be announced to the world on Thursday at 5pm. Do you have any guesses as to what we might see? Ring muscle-ups? Bar muscle-ups? A burpee variation? A max lift? Deadlifts? Snatches? Still so many possibilities…

While you ponder your 19.4 guesses take a peak at the amazing (as always) photos of 19.3 from Jenny — click here to view the gallery.

Remember that your first opportunity to do the Open workout (particularly for folks who will be away for the weekend) is Thursday evening during our 6pm “THE OPEN” class. Be sure to sign-up in advance as you would for any other class if you plan on making an attempt at the workout. Those of you who like to geek out on strategy and/or pacing, or just get some extra practice on whatever movement combination is announced, are also welcome to come and “test drive” the Open workout during that 6pm class time — with the understanding that your real attempt will be on Saturday morning during our traditional OPEN heats (or Sunday during Open Gym if you simply cannot make it in on Saturday). If that’s your plan you’re also welcome to stay and take the regular 7pm CrossFit class afterward if you’ve saved any gas in the tank.


WOD For 03-14-19:

For Quality:

600m Run

10 KB Turkish Get-ups @ pick load (alternate sides)

40 ft KB Bear Crawl @ pick load

10 Scap Pull-ups

This is for QUALITY and not for speed or loading — focus on position, move with intent, and leave the fast movements to the piece below…


Tabata (19 Total Minutes):

Row, Ski, or Assault Bike For Calories

KB Swings @ 70/53 lbs

AbMat Sit-ups

Walking Lunges

*Tabata = 8 Rounds of 0:20 Work / 0:10 Rest

*Complete all 8 Rounds of a Movement Before Moving on To The Next Movement (i.e. do not alternate)

*Rest 1 Minute Between Movements