Reminder that our free January 2019 "On-Boarding Series" for newcomers starts this Saturday (January 12th) with the Introduction to CrossFit class at 12:00pm.  The second class of the required two-part series, Beginner's CrossFit, will be held the following Saturday (January 19th).  There are only a handful of membership spaces that will be available before February 1st when we close the membership again for 3 months, so if anyone you know has been wanting to join as a newcomer make sure to spread the word!

For more details on how & why we on-board newcomers in small groups at carefully chosen intervals throughout the year click here to read a previous On-Boarding" post which details a bit of the background on our philosophy.  To lazy to read it?  OK then, here's the basic scoop: we do what we do to maintain quality, an ideal coach-to-athlete ratio in every class, and a caring community composed of like-minded people who consider fitness a sustainable, long-term lifestyle.  

So tell your friends and family to sign-up for this Saturday and get started at Arena Ready (click here for more details and to reserve an On-Boarding spot)!

WOD For 01-10-19:

Hang Power Clean:


FIVE Cycles of 1:30 Work / 1:30 Rest For MAX REPS:

10 Handstand Push-ups

50 Double Unders

MAX REPS Hang Power Cleans @ 135/95 lbs

*Score is the total number of hang power clean reps completed across all 5 cycles.