With February just around the corner we’re still in the season of sickness - and several among us have recently been hit with some nasty bugs.  As a gym we're pretty good about most everyone coming in consistently to work out, and we're grateful to have a community that generally frowns on excuses.  You guys and gals are pretty badass in that regard, and there a few things I respect more than someone who doesn't make excuses.

That said (there's that phrase... haha), if you are sick or know that you're getting sick PLEASE stay home and rest.  And, of course, feel better soon.  Coming in to the gym and exposing everyone around you to what you have is a good way to take a bunch of people out of commission for a while - so take some time off (hopefully it won't be too much) and focus on getting healthy again ASAP.  And tell that “hard working” coworker of yours who's hell-bent on putting in face time at the office that you don't appreciate him sneezing on your Swingline in-between his Facebook timeline refreshes or Fantasy Basketball line-up changes.  C'MON MAN!!!

Thanks for your consideration.

After four barbell-programmed days in a row we’ll use Wednesday’s program to nix the barbell and attack an aerobic AMRAP piece intended to feel lighter & faster (movement-wise, not time domain-wise) than some others of this ilk. The Rx/Black level gets a gift (is it really though?) of a lighter-than-the-AR-standard KB for the swings and no chest-to-bar requirement for the pull-ups. All this really means is less breaking of sets and more fun & fitness to be had!

But first some For Quality work to serve as movement primer & shoulder pre-hab/prep…

WOD For 01-30-19:

2 Rounds For Quality (NOT For Time):

80ft Single KB Overhead Carry (40ft Right then 40ft Left)

4 KB Turkish Get-ups (2 Right then 2 Left)

8 Scap Pull-up

Choose a KB weight light enough so that your position on the overhead carries and TGUs is solid. Going heavier and holding bad positions reinforces exactly what we’re trying to correct (I’m looking at you strong, immobile friends)


AMRAP 20 Minutes:

300m Row

25 KB Swings @ 53/35 lbs

20 Pull-ups

15 Med Ball Sit-ups @ 20/14 lbs