The somewhat mean Wednesday WOD as a follow-up to Monday’s “The Chief” is what we call “movement interference” — AKA intentional redundancy with a bit of a twist. Remember that in CrossFit the idea of “constant variance” should not be confused with “random”… but that said it’s also important not to make every back-to-back programmed set of days or weeks be exactly complimentary to the point of predictability.

But I couldn’t do it to you three days in a row LOL so here’s the pulling yin to our pushing yang (as many of you might have expected in some form or another).

It is 7 cycles so keep that mind when approaching your pacing (or lack thereof). If you need to back-off the loading a bit to feel like you’re holding your positions well then be the smarty-pants you are and please do so. But the burpees and row are your chance to go HAM should you so choose.

WOD For 01-03-19:

7 Cycles of 2:00 Work / 2:00 Rest For MAX CALORIES Rowed:

7 Deadlifts @ 255/175 lbs

8 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

9 Lateral Bar Burpees


Your score is the total number of calories rowed.