Friday's Barbell Therapy gives a nod to last Friday’s workout when we took on an "express" version of the CrossFit Total.

The “Arena Ready Express Total” puts a spin on the classic CrossFit Total (back squat, strict press, deadlift) by utilizing three movements we see often here at AR - the power clean, the push press, and the front squat.

To explain the “express'“ designation I’ll simply re-paste part of last Friday’s blog post, since the concept is the same:

Why "express" you ask?  Because in order to truly work up to 1-Rep Max territory in all three lifts (as the traditional CrossFit Total calls for) most people would require more time to build-up in weight, and more time to rest between sets & movements.  Thus the prescription of our "express" workout states "heavy single" for each movement -- meaning the heaviest single rep you can do for today, given the conditions, and given the specific time restriction.  This concept is nothing new to you folks since we lift often, and lift fast most of the time.  Ain't nobody got time for slow-mo fitness.

If you need some extra TLC to get your body ready to lift in this fashion then try to come in to the gym a little early to extend your own personal warm-up (e.g. row/bike/ski for a bit, roll out thoroughly, mobilize your challenge areas).  But either way remember the intended stimulus of this version of a Total -- heavy singles with good technique, not grip-and-rip-to-max-out-bruh-cause-we-be-short-on-time-but-long-on-expectations.  Your body will thank you for it over the weekend when the total poundage you lifted across the entire WOD (i.e. the actual cumulative work you accomplished) was still high, but you also felt good enough to train again on Saturday and/or Sunday... or good enough to just enjoy the weekend with some $25 eggs you didn't have to cook yourself. 

Happy Friday!  

WOD For 09-14-18:

"The Arena Ready EXPRESS Total"

On a Strict Running Clock...

A) 0:00 - 13:00

Power Clean:

13 minutes to establish a heavy single


B) 13:00 - 23:00

Push Press:

10 minutes to establish a heavy single


A) 23:00 - 36:00

Front Squat:

13 minutes to establish a heavy single