Thursday starts off with an EMOM piece with largely “For Quality” movements to prime the system, act as recovery/pre-hab for some, and build a little accuracy & skill volume with the double unders.

Then, and I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s 15 minutes of a pure suckfest. The triplet of AMRAP movements are classic in their selection, but nasty in their rep scheme (no, the 30 burpees per round is not a typo). Sometimes you just gotta do this kind of work — start steady, fight to hold on to your pace, and do whatever it takes to keep moving (and moving well) for the entire 15 minutes.

Who’s up for it?

WOD For 09-13-18:

Alternating EMOM For 4 Rounds (12 Minutes):

1) 80 ft Single DB Overhead Waiter Carry @ pick load (40 ft Right / 40 ft Left)

2) 20 Steps of Glute Band “Monster Walk” (By Round: 10 x R/L, R/L, F/B, F/B)

3) 40 Unbroken Double Unders


AMRAP 15 Minutes:

30 Overhead Walking Lunges w/Plate @ 45/35 lbs

15 Toes-to-Bar

30 Burpees