Tuesday-Wednesday workout legs got ya feeling like you're walking in mud?  Let's use the first piece in Thursday classes to get the blood flowing, the shoulders primed, and the core firing.

Then it's a derivative of Open 18.1 but with a shorter time domain (i.e. a faster pace for those who are feeling good) and slightly larger movement sets -- plus we keep the units of measure consistent throughout the day with meters, because no self-respecting obsessive compulsive gym owner programs mixed measurement systems within the same day's workouts.  Well, at least most of the time we don't. 

WOD For 08-23-18:

For Quality (NOT For Time):

400m Run

12m Handstand Walk

12 DB or KB Turkish Get-ups @ pick load (alternate sides)

12m Handstand Walk

400m Run


Prioritize intentional movement and quality positions over speed and loading. 




AMRAP 12 Minutes:

300m Row

12 Toes-to-Bar

12 Single DB Hang Clean-to-Overhead @ 50/35 lbs (switch sides after 6 reps)