You saw it two weeks ago in a similar format but with slightly different time constraints, and very different movement demands on the legs in general.  This week's version uses what feels to most of you as the "lighter" kettlebell in a triplet AMRAP to kick things off -- can you start unbroken in the AMRAP movements and hold on all the way through?  

WOD FOR 08-15-18:

On a Running Clock...

A) 0:00 - 10:00

AMRAP 10 Minutes:

21 KB Swings @ 53/35 lbs

15 Wall Balls @ 20/24 lbs to 10/9 ft

9 Hand-Release Push-ups


B) 12:00 - 24:00

Back Squat:

12 Minutes to Build to a Heavy Triple (Not a 3RM)

*If possible, add to your top set from 08-01-18


C) 26:00 - 30:00


Dead Bugs