If your legs are feeling like wet logs from last week's sequence of workouts then have no fear... we're not squatting, lunging, or pulling on Monday.  In fact, we're not even met-conning (is that even a word?).

But just as we talked about last week with "Simple vs Easy" don't mistake Monday's WOD for less than what it is.  To give this your max effort and truly complete it as prescribed (12 consecutive climbing sets with bar only going up in weight once you start) is one heck of a session.  If, however, your technique is not yet there on the push presses and/or jerks then scale appropriately (i.e. drop the loading when needed to safely complete challenging sets) to get the most out of the training day.

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

WOD For 08-13-18:

Strict Press:



Push Press:



Push Jerk:



If performing this workout as Rx (Black Level) the goal is to increase the weight every set, for a total of twelve consecutive climbing work sets (i.e. the bar only goes up in weight). If that is unreasonable (be honest with yourself!) decrease the weight when starting the next movement, then climb back up again to a heavy single in four sets.

An example of performing this workout as Rx is as follows: 

Strict Press 4x135, 3x145, 2x155, 1x165 directly into...
Push Press 4x175, 3x195, 2x210, 1x220 directly into...
Push Jerk 4x225, 3x235, 2x245, 1x255

(Compare to 07-03-17, 07-27-16, 08-19-15)