Thanks to the big groups on Wednesday who helped us test a little running during the hero WOD classes.  Let's try some running again in a different format -- a little break from the barbell after four consecutive days of barbell work, and a Team Sweaty Saturday Special that's going to feel fairly aerobic after Friday's clean & jerk session.

Happy weekend, all!

WOD For 07-06-18:

3 Rounds For Quality:

20 Seconds of Bird Dogs

20 Seconds of Plank Hold

20 Seconds of Rest

20 Seconds of Single Leg Glute Bridges RIGHT

20 Seconds of Single Leg Glute Bridges LEFT

20 Seconds of Rest




AMRAP 20 Minutes in Teams of THREE Athletes:

Athletes A & B Complete the Triplet (with only one person working at a time)...

33 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft

22 KB Swings @ 70/53 lbs

11 Burpee Box Jump Overs @ 24/20 in (must face the box) 

Athlete C Completes...

400m Run


One athlete must always be running and must always switch after 400m.  Reps for the triplet may be divided in any fashion and do not have to be split evenly.  The team's score is rounds + reps of the triplet completed.