Last Tuesday we did a WOD straight from the "main site" which involved TEN 1-minute rounds of 25 air squats and max reps clean & jerks.  This Tuesday we'll do another "main site" WOD with a very similar round/time format -- but this time it's lateral bar burpees and power snatches. 

We anticipate that far fewer athletes will be able to do this WOD "Rx/Black level" as the equivalent loading on a power snatch "feels" heavier to most versus the (power) clean & (push) jerk.  Don't fret, just scale the loading appropriately to "something you can do for 5 reps unbroken with good technique" -- that should maintain the intended stimulus across all levels regardless of loading.


WOD For 07-31-18:

TEN 1-Minute Rounds of:

10 Lateral Bar Burpees

Max Reps Power Snatches @ 155/105 lbs

(Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds)


Your score is the total number of power snarch reps completed.

Yes, some have done this as bar-facing burpees and others as lateral over the bar.  We will do the latter like is this video here.

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