It's Friday, and we won't kick you out or sound the "Lunk Alarm" for trying hard.  But we will if your technique looks like a Tootsie Roll and you drop our dumbbells.  The former is a euphemism for poop (you know, because they serve Tootsie Rolls in bowls at Planet Fitness... aaaand they look like little poops AKA horrible deadlifts... is this thing on?!) and the latter should be easy because WE'RE NOT EVEN USING DUMBBELLS ON FRIDAY.

I would've kicked them out just on the basis of the one guy wearing cargo shorts to the gym. 

Cargo shorts, the Nickelback of clothing.

Happy Friday!

WOD For 07-27-18:

For Completion and Load (NOT For Time):

Bench Press:




Evil Wheel:



*Go from one movement directly to the next (e.g. 5 Bench Press > 5 Deadlifts > 5 Evil Wheels) with as much or as little rest between sets as you like.  If you're a ninja at Evil Wheels, and the volume is not an issue, increase the reps for that movement to 8 or 10 per set.  

*Warm-up to a challenging weight for both the bench and dead before "starting" your first work set. Climb in weight as long as your technique allows you to do so (i.e. like you care about your shoulders and back).