Tuesday WOD is straight from the CrossFit.com "main site" and was their workout of the day for Saturday, July 21st.  It fits quite nicely with the rest of our programmed week at Arena Ready, and as a follow-up to Monday's (non-barbell) burpee box jump/KB swing/ring muscle-up up party it uses air squats, a moderately loaded barbell, and a repeating interval format to basically give you (in many ways) a complimentary stimulus to we just did the previous day.  And it's very "in the style of AR" as far as main site WODs go, so it should be fun to hit it hard on Tuesday! 

Here's our old buddy Rory McKernan with some insight into this WOD:

WOD For 07-24-18:

TEN 1-Minute Rounds of:

25 Air Squats

Max Reps Clean & Jerks @ 155/105 lbs

(Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds)


Your score is the total number of clean & jerk reps completed.

(Workout courtesy of CrossFit.com)