Two weeks before my (Sarah) senior year of high school started we lost our class president to suicide. He was handsome, popular, and by all accounts had a bright future ahead of him, yet it seems he saw no future for himself and chose to end what could have been a totally different story.

Immediately afterward, I was consumed with thoughts of what if, if only, why didn't I, and so many other feelings of deep regret. I missed him, I missed my innocence, and I wanted so very badly to write a different ending.

Interestingly, I spent much of that subsequent year battling my own demons. While I don't think I was suicidal, I certainly dealt with more than my share of suicidal thoughts, and I'm touched by the semicolon movement - to indicate a pause, not the end.

I was a huge fan of Kate Spade's brand, and Rob has always been a fan of Anthony Bourdain. These recent suicides have brought back floods of memories, yet at the same time my fear of losing someone else I love to this tragedy is never far from my consciousness.

I know that many of us in the CrossFit world (AR included) participate in CrossFit in part because it gives us a scheduled time to just be, potentially a place to escape, and an opportunity to be surrounded by friends facing the same tangible obstacle in the form of the day's WOD.

AR friends (including those of you whose lives have taken you far away): I see you, I love you, I empathize with your struggles, and I believe that there can be life and hope in the future, even if it feels like there's no end to the struggles you're facing right now. I've never judged you for the room for improvement in your squat form, or your overhead mobility, never for your food choices, or your sleep habits, and I certainly wouldn't judge you if you needed my help to overcome feelings of hopelessness.

When I ask how you are, please know that I really want to know. And I want to cheer for you today, tomorrow, and forever.

WOD For 06-11-18:

Every 2 Minutes For 7 Rounds (14 Minutes):

1 Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats


Build quickly to a working weight before starting with your first "work set" - then climb with small increases or stay at the same weight across all 7 sets.




For Time:

30 Hand Release Push-ups

15 Front Squats @ 155/110 lbs (no rack)

20 Hand Release Push-ups

10 Front Squats

10 Hand Release Push-ups

5 Front Squats


Yes, you may squat clean into the first front squat rep (and you should because you fancy, huh).  No, you cannot snake your way down or up on the push-ups and then call it "Rx" - and if your toes leave the ground at any time that's called kipping (and is not allowed).