Lots going on at the new AR HQ!  More blog posts covering gym updates and and other information coming this week.  Meantime, for the drivers among us, check out this street sweeping schedule for the immediate area surrounding the new gym location (thank you Darrell!): 

http://propertymap.sfplanning.org/  (search our address on the link if you can't zoom-in enough on the image below)


A more detailed parking strategy will be posted soon - if anyone has insight or tips to add please do let us know.  

Changing gears for a bit...

This Sunday, June 10th, Arena Ready has three teams competing at the 2018 Contra Costa Throwdown: Coach Kim & Coach Hillary, Seiji & Coach Steven, and Patricia & Coach Kate.  Heat times will be posted later this week for those who want to come out to Contra Costa CrossFit (in Concord) and cheer on our teams along with some other AR supporters.  For now, we'll be doing Event 3 of this competition as part of our Tuesday classes - so you'll all get a small taste of what our three teams will be doing this coming Sunday! 

We didn't have anyone signed-in for the Tuesday noon class as of 8pm on Monday night, so we're taking the opportunity to try and use the time to complete the gym flooring and a few other critical projects.  Thus, Tuesday's 12pm class is cancelled - thanks for your understanding. 

WOD For 06-05-18:

"2018 Contra Costa Throwdown Event 3: Hulk Smash" 

Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat + Shoulder-to-Overhead:

15 minutes for both you and a partner to build to a top set of the complex


Partners use the same barbell and load/unload building sets accordingly.  No, I did not name this workout.




"It Tastes Like Burning"

AMRAP 8 Minutes:

16 Power Cleans @ 95/65

8 Front Squats

16 Shoulder-to-Overhead

***Perform 6 pistols (alternating) every minute, on the minute, starting at 0:00


Yes, I did name this workout.