It's been a long couple of days and we're ecstatic and exhausted - but we are, indeed, moved.  Our normal class schedule will resume on Monday as planned in our new location at 3250 Cesar Chavez (at Shotwell, just off of South Van Ness).

A "thank you" post (directed at all who have helped up to this point) is coming shortly, as are continued updates on new developments at the gym in its new home.  I know Dani is also working on a parking landscape post following her survey of the area and its various parking options.  And, of course, some sentimental thoughts will be shared in the coming days to mark the transition from one amazing place to another.

As our anticipation grows for some of the fancy new toys that are still in transit and yet to arrive (e.g. a brand new gigantic pull-up rig, new equipment storage systems, sparkling water filter, etc.) we hope you please excuse the transitional state of the gym for the next couple of weeks as we try our best to incorporate all the cool new stuff without impacting the class schedule too much.  Thanks in advance for your understanding.      

It will be interesting to see who wants to peep the new space on Monday after reading this treasure of a workout...

WOD For 06-04-18:

With a Partner, 10 Rounds For Time:

250m Row

10 Burpees

(1 Minute Rest Between Rounds)


This is "you go, then I go, then we rest one minute."  Both partners complete 10 rounds each.

(Compare to 05-19-17)