As we've been discussing (and doing) over the last few weeks in the current "micro-cycle" our weightlifting complexes continue to build - and today we add some complexity (pulling from the floor to start) and loading (a bump in percentages) to last Friday's Clean & Jerk complex.

So let's head into the weekend once again with some good old fashioned barbell therapy - the Arena Ready Happy Hour... the one at a different kind of bar!

WOD For 06-29-18:

Every 90 Seconds For 20 Rounds (30 Minutes):

Squat Clean + Front Squat + Jerk


*Use FOUR Weights:

ROUNDS 1-5: Light (50-60% of 1RM C&J)

ROUNDS 6-10: Moderate (60-70%)

ROUNDS 11-15: Moderate-Heavy (70-80%)

ROUNDS 16-20: Heavy but NOT max (80-90%)


*Technical Consistency! Ideally 20 of 20 made rounds, no misses!


*If you miss during Rounds 16-20 you MUST lower the weight the next round.


*Any style of jerk is allowed.