In many ways I believe "Amanda" is one of the most elegant, effective CrossFit workouts ever conceived.  It's so simple - a harmless looking, low-volume couplet composed of two movements, each rooted in completely different athletic domains (gymnastics and weightlifting).  The level of strength, power, speed, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance, and cardio-respiratory endurance required to be able to perform this WOD as prescribed (at "Rx" or "Black" level) in a reasonable amount of time is in and of itself a true test of broad, well-rounded fitness - and a testament to a fairly high level of athleticism.

If you can do this workout as written I'm going to guess you're pretty darn fit by just about any measure.  You can probably run a decently fast mile (assuming you wanted to do such a thing to yourself), you can probably lift a decent amount of weight (in just about any lift) with fairly solid technique, and you can probably move your own bodyweight around in some fairly athletic ways.  I'm going to also guess that you can participate in just about any sport or activity you choose to focus on with proficiency and confidence.

If you're working on being able to perform "Amanda" as written then you're not alone - the majority of CrossFitters around the world are right there with you.  It may be a matter of skill and/or technique holding you back, in which case slowing down (and/or lowering the loads) to focus on the pieces of the movements can eventually lead to success and a first step toward mastery.  If it's a matter of lacking "fuel in the engine" then dedicated and consistent training with constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity will eventually increase your work capacity to the level required.  If it's a matter of strength, stability, and/or mobility then time spent training under appropriate loading, in the correct positions, with proper balance and technique, will lead you to sustainable, long-term strength gains which enable more complex movements under load.

Fitness is a lifetime pursuit.  A low trajectory toward a distant horizon.  If you're capable of a sub-5 minute "Amanda" then fantastic, keep on slaying those WODs and training for competition.  If you have a sub-12 minute "Amanda" then awesome, keep on pushing for that gym leaderboard and have fun competing with the experienced Rx crew in your community.  If you're still working hard on the pieces for a complete "Amanda" then HELL YES, keep on training every aspect of your fitness and have fun during the journey... and if you're feeling like you're still so far away from ever being able to do "Amanda" as written, take a moment to remember how far you've come, how cool it is to know that there's still so far left to go, and that when you're outside the walls of the gym it's not a stretch to bet that you're probably the fittest person in the room. 

WOD For 06-28-18:

2 Snatch (High) Pulls + 1 Power Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch:

12 minutes to build to a top set





For Time:


Ring Muscle-ups

Squat Snatches @ 135/95 lbs


(Compare to 11-16-17, 02-05-16, 08-13-15, 04-05-14, and 08-15-13)

(Workout courtesy of in tribute to Amanda Miller)