You read about it here on the blog all week, but just to confirm we are indeed closed this weekend (Saturday & Sunday) as we move the gym to our new home at 3250 Cesar Chavez.  If all goes well our normal class schedule resumes on Monday, June 4th, and we'll update you ASAP if anything changes.

Meantime, you should still get your Sweaty Saturday workout fix by meeting Coach Kim and a bunch of your Arena Ready buddies for a track WOD!  Kim will gather the group on Saturday morning at 8:00AM at the newly remodeled City College of San Francisco track - Google Map "324 Havlock" for directions to the stadium parking lot where everyone will meet.  

Catch you all on the flip side in our new digs!

WOD For 06-02-18:

Aerobic Capacity Track WOD with Coach Kim!

Run 700, 1300, 900, 500 meters with 5 minutes rest between intervals.

Every interval alternates between 200 EZ, and 200 fast with a 15 second rest before a 100 meter sprint.

10 burpee broad jumps right after every sprint, go hard and go fast, open your hips at the top of each burpee!

5 minute rest between intervals. Pace for the fast 200's should be PR mile pace, pace for the EZ 200's should be 2:00/mile slower than mile PR pace (SLOW!). 

***NOTE FROM KIM: it's super helpful if you have a watch with timer. It sounds like a lot but it's less than 3 miles! And this stuff really works, not just for running, but for conditioning for all of the things!