Well, things got a little more interesting following yesterday's post.  I think Cassie was wondering where this one was in 2017 haha...

And I'm pretty sure Amy, Liz, and Sarah would have excused the bar-facing burpees on this one for the opportunity to cycle that barbell quickly (particularly after the "Year of The Dumbbell" at 2017 Regionals)...

Hey look, bar-facing burpees!

WOD For 05-09-18:

Alternating EMOM For 6 Rounds (24 Minutes):

1) 8 Bar-Facing Burpees THEN 3 Hang Power Cleans @ pick load

2) 18/14 Calorie Row, Assault Bike, or Ski

3) Max Hollow Rocks

4) Rest


Climb in loading with each round on the hang power cleans.