As most of you have already seen we have "Find Your Swolemate" men's tees and women's sleeveless shirts (AKA muscle tees) back in stock at the gym for sale.  Dani posted about them in the private Arena Ready Facebook group on Friday and many have already grabbed a few and started sporting the new gear.

This new crop of shirts are navy (with red AR logo on the front) so they're not as pictured below in the old photo of #Infarkle sporting the OG red versions - so if you already have an original you can add a new color to your collection!   


WOD For 05-16-18:

With a Partner, 3 Rounds For Time:

1000m Row SPLIT

100 Double Unders SPLIT


100m Single KB Farmer Carry @ "HAP" (50m Right then 50m Left) TOGETHER


Partners share the same rower and split the 1000m in any manner (does not have to be equal). Same for the 100 double unders.

Partners perform the walking lunges together (AKA simultaneously) and must accumulate 100 reps total, but reps do not have to evenly shared - e.g. your partner may do 60 reps in the time it takes you to do 40 reps, or vice versa.

The Farmer Carry should be as "Heavy As Possible" (HAP) without needing to set the KB down outside.  Both partners will be carrying their own KB, and both athletes switch sides (right to left) at the turnaround. 

The partner who completes the Farmer Carry first may start the next row immediately (they do not have to wait until both partners are in the gym).  However, the other three movements (DUs, WLs, FC) cannot start until all reps of the prior movement have been completed.