Just because we don't have an Arena Ready athlete competing at Regionals this year doesn't mean you shouldn't watch all the action!  The three Regional weekends provide some of the most exciting CrossFit competition of the entire year, and some would say the drama and unexpected twists and turns (e.g. dark horses making names for themselves, perennial favorites falling short) make for even more entertainment than the CrossFit Games World Finals themselves.  I think I might agree with that sentiment.

The first Regional weekend is this weekend, and from Friday through Sunday the East, South, and Europe Regions will do battle to find the fittest athletes who will move on to Madison to compete for the whole enchilada.  Check out "How to Watch The 2018 Regionals" on the CrossFit Games website here, which includes schedules and live viewing/streaming instructions for watching on Facebook and on CBS/CBS Sports.

WOD For 05-15-18:

Back Squat (Week 13):

2-2-2-2 Climbing to a Heavy Top* Set, then...

Two Drop Sets:

1x2 @ 85% of your top set

1x2 @ 80% of your top set

*If possible dd to your top set of TWO from last week 05-07-18.




AMRAP 7 Minutes:

7 Burpees

7 Box Jumps @ 24/20 in

7 Toes-to-Bar


Thank you notes can be sent to Sarah for this one.  I told her, "Oh, that's just plain mean."  She laughed.  Enjoy!