Yes, I programed this workout before the Regional "Linda" event was announced.  No, I'm not tempted to change it to actual "Linda" - I like it just the way it is in the context of the rest of the week.  Yes, you're welcome to do "Linda" at Open Gym this Sunday if you like.  No, power cleans are not the same thing in "Linda" - it is, and always was, full cleans.  No, we're not doing cleans on Friday. Yes, the percentage of bodyweight metric in classic "Linda" favors smaller athletes - so yes, the larger athletes like the set weights for the Regional version.  No, I don't want to explain why that is here but I'm happy to talk about it in the gym if you're wondering why that is.

Yes, I'm almost done answering my own imaginary questions.

(just one more, I promise)

No, this is not how you spot the bench press for your AR homie.

WOD For 05-11-18:

For Completion (NOT For Time):

Bench Press:


Double KB or DB Single Leg Deadlift:

10-10-10-10-10 (each side)


Warm-up to a working weight for the bench press and call that your first set.  Then climb in loading to a top set for the day.

For the deadlift prioritize position and a controlled tempo over load.  It's hard.  Do it right or you're missing the point (lest you forever be relegated to "Emo Butt"... you know, good for skinny jeans but bad for lifting anything heavy or being generally physically useful).