Reminder about our Holiday Schedule through Jan 1st (click for details).

Coach Kim will be leading a Christmas Eve Track WOD on Monday morning at 9:00am!

Get your holiday started right and come out and enjoy some fitness with your Arena Ready friends.  Check the private Arena Ready Facebook Group for full details on the workout itself if you don’t like being surprised.

The WOD will take place at CCSF Track (AKA George Rush Stadium) and meet up time on Monday morning is 9:00am sharp.  Google map 324 Havelock Street for directions to the base of the parking lot where Kim will gather the group.

On Facebook but not in the private Arena Ready Facebook group?  C'mon now, didn't you read your On-Boarding email??!! (don't answer that since I usually know already by your lack of Beyond The Whiteboard entries)

Request to be added to the group (if you're not in it) so you don't miss out on anything Arena Ready related! 

WOD FOR 12-24-18:

Get your butt down to the track and find out!