The power cleans & C2B pull-ups on Monday, combined with the currently squeaky clean floor (thank you, Coach Kate), have reminded me to remind our athletes that overdoing the chalk is: a) an easy way to cause a mess and get on my sh*t list, 2) usually counterproductive as too much chalk can actually compromise your grip at some point, and D) a good way to make you look like THAT GUY (or GAL).

You know, this one:

Yes, our old school members have seen that one before... and yes, that's our old buddy, and everyone's favorite Arena Ready hype man, Julian.  He's been away from the gym the last couple of years because he's working for the Raiders these days, and his demanding schedule and poor choice of where he chooses to live makes it hard for him to come in as often as he's accustomed.  

Don't worry though, I told him that after the Raiders win the Super Bowl he can turn off the X-Box and go back to sleep ('cause that'll never happen in real life), and then make it into the gym bright and early the next day.

Keep the chalk in the bucket please.  And keep the Raiders in Oakland... it's not the same to make fun of them when they're from LA (or Vegas for that matter).

WOD For 12-03-18:

Power Clean:


Climbing. If possible, add to your top set from 11-20-18.


For Time:


Power Cleans @ 155/110 lbs

Pistols (alternate)

Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups