REMINDER: Holiday Party This Saturday From 5-9pm (click for details)!

Many of you probably remember this little piece we originally programmed back in the Fall of 2015. Some of you may even remember the feeling of being tricked by it (I’ll simply leave it at that). Regardless, it’s Friday and we’re benching — so leave the sleeves at home, and get ready for Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch on loop as the soundtrack to your BRO-AND-ROW sesh (someone please punch me for actually writing “sesh”).

Peep that weird bench press at 1:56 in the music video. BTW I never realized how scandalous this video actually was until I re-watched it just now as a new dad. My goodness… cover your eyes, kids.

WOD For 12-14-18:

5 Rounds For Load and Row Sprint Times:

5 Bench Press

8 Evil Wheels OR 16 Hollow Rocks

250m Row Sprint

*Rest as needed between rounds.

*Record bench press loading for each set and time for every row interval. Goal is to maintain +/-2 second pace for every 250m row.

(Compare to 08-31-17, 01-20-17, 05-19-16, 11-19-15)