Holiday Party: Saturday, Dec 15th

Another friendly reminder that the 7th Annual Arena Ready Holiday Party is this Saturday, Dec 15th! We plan on getting started around 5:00pm, hopefully allowing those who have other parties or obligations later that evening to attend.  We'll probably wind things down around 9:00pm.  Due to the popularity of the party over the years we expect that the space may get fairly full at times so please leave the furry friends at home.

Potluck: Paleo or Not!

Back by popular demand we will continue the tradition of making the party a potluck-style shindig, so feel free to bring a dish/treat/drinks to share if you like.  Healthy options are of course appreciated but by no means required, and for small fee I’m available for text message reservations of perennial favorites that go fast (e.g. Mini Rex Spam Musubi, K&K Asian Chicken Salad, Ribs De Paris, anything Chef Bob makes, DLee Dungeness Glass Noodles, etc, etc, etc… there are far too many to list).

Bring The Fam!

Our holiday parties, like many of our events, are generally family friendly - so bring your loved ones (including little ones) if so desired. I hear that the coaching team has some hilarious trivia format planned (rumor has it that Coach Hillary has even created an Excel sheet with pivot tables and algorithms to organize said trivia).

Due to several close calls over the years, which nearly gave my wife a heart attack on a couple of occasions, we’re likely retiring the infamous “Bottle Game” from AR Holiday Party service. To pay our respects here’s a tribute to many years of near misses, broken belts, ripped pants, belly flops, and out-of-context inappropriate snapshots… RIP BOTTLE GAME.


SOUND ON to hear the crowd since most of them are behind the camera (smart, LOL)

PS - how many of you thought the Tuesday workout looked so easy on paper and then were surprised at how rough it got (assuming you scaled appropriately)? I saw exactly zero on-site completions of the 9 hang squat cleans for all 4 rounds at Rx, and only one from a remote athlete who “barely” made it by hanging on for dear life. If you made it all the way through I wanna hear about it! Put it in BTWB!


Now how ‘bout an all-out sprint for the skilled among us at double unders? Well, let’s pull some triples first… because, you know, we’re in a triples kind of groove these days (for those keeping track at home).

WOD For 12-12-18:




5 Rounds For Time:

11 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls @ 95/65 lbs

55 Double Unders

Can the competitors go completely unbroken for all five rounds? If so there’s a chance we might see a sub-5 minute time…