But I love it. But I love it.

Inspired by this year’s 2018 Wodapalooza Team Qualifier Workout 9 and adapted for a better class structure and to maintain sustainable use of your legs in the days following (because you know, you’re an adult with a job and things to do… and not being able to walk properly because of “this killer workout brah” is sort of counterproductive) we give you this little gem.

Don’t underestimate these DB Box Step-Overs (you’ve been warned LOL).


WOD For 11-08-18:

FOUR Cycles of 3:00 Work / 3:00 Rest For Max Calories:

60 Double Unders

16 Dumbbell Box Step-Overs @ 35/20 lbs (per hand) & 24/20 in

Max Calorie Row

Score = total calories rowed across all 4 cycles.