From Coach Sarah:

Ok friends... I wish there were a page in the "how to be a gym owner" handbook for "how to evaluate the risk of member exposure to toxic fumes" but sadly that chapter (and that manual) does not exist.

Here's what I know: SF air quality index (AQI) is 271 currently (as of 3pm on Friday), and seems to be holding steady or getting worse. It appears to be forecast to be like this until at least Tuesday.

People are advised to stay inside with their doors and windows closed. The gym is sort of inside, and we have HVAC, but we also have gaps in the rollup doors, and I don't at my core believe that the HVAC is sufficient to make the gym a safe space to work out.

As a result, we're making the call to close the gym tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday), with Sunday and early next week TBD. I realize this will be unpopular for many of you, and trust me I hear you. I won't be working out either.

Ultimately, I believe people come to Arena Ready in part because we do our very best to keep people as safe as possible, as much as possible, and I feel like this is a case where we need to do just that. Sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry.

Rest assured, even when I was training for the Olympics we took two weeks in a row off literally sitting on the couch at least once per year. While I know it feels like you might, you won't lose material fitness in a few days, or even a few weeks.

As I understand it, you could actually get very sick from working out in this smoke, and so I reluctantly am going to make this call. I very much hope you understand.

I wish you all safety and health despite these conditions. If there's anything Rob and I can do to help you make it through to better air, please let us know.

Sending up prayers for everyone affected by these fires.