First, congratulations to our winners from the September Open Gym Challenge - Kim and Kate! This team of #MightyMinis proved that strategy, teamwork, and tenacity was more important than athlete size, raw strength numbers, or an excessive level of trash talking LOL. With the top score of 16,380 pounds lifted “The Fittest Optometrist in SF” and “The Flying Squirrel” bested respectable scores from — among others — Milgram & Stein (who submitted a questionable video validating their remote workout performance from what is being dubbed “Arena Ready East” AKA the gym in Mike’s new house) and Hillary “The Deadlift Champ” & Steven (winners of the August Open Gym Challenge).

Congrats Kim and Kate! They will be receiving a prize pack once I actually go pick-up the prize packs (I swear, I will soon).

As for the “October Open Gym Challenge” we have a single modality benchmark for y’all, and a test of fitness that many folks are already familiar with either from previous experience or from stories of joy from other athletes who have done it. Here you go…

“The October Open Gym Challenge”

For Time:

2000m Row

1) There will be 4 “divisions” and thus 4 potential winners:

Lightweight Female (129 lbs and under)

Female (130 lbs and up)

Lightweight Male (159 lbs and under)

Male (160 lbs and up)

2) Don’t cut weight for the challenge (this is Sarah talking LOL)

3) If you’re close to the cut-off on bodyweight we can weigh you at the gym for an official ruling (but only if you want to be eligible to win)

I feel like Hillary is about to start fielding a bunch of questions from members haha. Get in here on a Sunday and get after it on a 2K!


The underground (figuratively speaking but maybe also literally speaking) gym being

dubbed as “Arena Ready East”

WOD For 10-09-18:

Every 2 Minutes For 6 Rounds:

4 Back Squats

Climbing is allowed.

If possible add to your top set from last week 10-03-18.


3 Rounds For Max Reps (0:45 Sec Per Movement / 0:15 Rest Between Movements):

Double KB Front Squats @ 53/35 lbs (each side)


Row For Calories

(Rest 1:15 Between Rounds)