Here’s the name of the game for Friday’s back-to-back weightlifting EMOMs…

For the first piece we want to enforce a straight bar path and complete leg drive for your jerks by forcing you to push press the bar prior to finishing the complex with a jerk. It’s simple, effective, and challenging particularly if you tend to short your extension or have deviations from a “straight up-and-down” drip & drive.

For the second piece we’re looking for BIG power output by making you complete 3 higher box jumps prior to 2 cleans and a jerk. It’s both priming the system and taxing the system all in one little 3-2-1 rep scheme.

Happy Friday and happy lifting!

WOD For 10-19-18:

EMOM 10 Minutes:

1 Power Clean

1 Push Press

1 Push Jerk

*Start at a working weight then work up HAP (Heavy As Possible) with good technique


EMOM 10 Minutes:

3 Box Jumps @ 30/24 in

2 Cleans

1 Jerk

*Start at a working weight then work up HAP with good technique

*Any style of clean and jerk is allowed