Since we already have a bunch of scores for the October Open Gym challenge with even more planning on taking their shot at the top 2K time (remember there are FOUR divisions!), and because Thursday’s WOD leans heavily on rowing for it’s intended stimulus, we thought it might be helpful to post a quick and easy video which reinforces the fundamentals of proper rowing technique.

While none of what you’ll hear in this video will be new to those who have been at AR for some time, it’s always nice to hear things again from a different set of voices — and it helps when those voices are Olympians in the sport. Look, we weren’t kidding when we said you don’t need to jam the fan up to 10… or that if you keep your chest over your knees a bit longer (AKA avoid the early lay back) you’ll basically go faster for free. But don’t take our work for it, here you go…

WOD For 10-18-18:

FOUR Cycles of 3:00 Work / 3:00 Rest For MAX REPS:

500/400m Row

15 Deadlifts @ 205/145 lbs

MAX REPS Ring Muscle-ups

Your score is the total number of muscle-ups completed across all 4 cycles.